May Schedule

Good morning Titan families, as May approaches it brings upon the 11u a very busy schedule of tournaments. Should the shelter in place be lifted, the tournaments at this point plan to be up and running. But should things continue as they are, it will mean they would be cancelled and possibly rescheduled for a later date. We will continue to communicate as the situation warrants, but we want the boys to continue to practice if possible and be ready to play at any time. If there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact coach Matt.

Easter Wishes

Happy Easter. Decorated egg in the form of a baseball ball with ears rabbit and vintage lettering on an isolated background. Pattern for greeting card, banner, poster, ad. Vector illustration

From the PA Titans Organization, we hope that everyone is staying safe during this crisis. We hope that one day things will return to normal and we can watch our boys in action.

Keep working

We hope that our PA Titan families and friends are coping and adjusting during this unprecedented time. We all understand that it is hard to change your live and kids life in an instant.

We want to remind everyone that you can still get out and practice, focusing on what we have learned over the winter months. Some drills that can be done inside or out:

  1. Pick off moves
  2. Towel snaps in your room, basement or garage
  3. Throwing accuracy outside. Focus on a object and stand 10 feet away, increase your distance until you are at 50ft.
  4. Physical exercise, Run/push ups/squats
  5. If you have the ability hit off a T, or wiffle balls or go to a batting cage.

The difference between a good player and great player is the effort put while off the field not on it.